Amid the storm of the Euro Crisis and the possible break up of the Euro Zone there is a cause for celebration.  

After nearly half a century of research scientists announced yesterday the discovery of a new subatomic particle that may be crucial in discovering how our universe came into being.

Scientists have said the particle is “consistent” to that of the Higgs boson or the God Particle, which is believed to give all matter in the universe shape and size.

The credit does not belong to a single European Nation but many as the success of the project was a result of collaboration from scientists all over Europe and contributions from all over the world.

I look forward to what our scientists will discover next as we draw closer to perhaps discovering what sparked the creation of the amazing world we live in.

Although it was a collaborative project, Britain should be proud as much of the limelight belongs to Scottish scientist Peter Higgs after whom the particle is named.

As cheesy as it sounds, such teamwork is an inspiration to all of us as it acts as a reminder of the amazing feats people can accomplish if we work together.

If only the Europe’s politicians could follow their scientist’s lead.   

The God Particle, a European triumph.