MailOnline trainee scheme - CLOSES 26TH OCTOBER

Hi all, I was at CFJ until the summer. I originally applied for the Daily Mail's trainee scheme (closes in Feb) but now work at MailOnline. Their own trainee scheme closes on the 26th October. All i can say is that it is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work for a company which can still afford to invest in you.

Eventually, every good biro gets stolen

Is it just me, or is it nearly impossible to come across a decent pen that doesn't stop mid flow for no apparent reason? For most, this is an irritating but survivable occurrence, but for the trainee journalist - whose life depends on passing successive shorthand exams - the random ink stoppage is a disaster. 

Voxpops, links, and approaching strangers outside Asda

I entitled my last post, 'thrown in the not so deep end'. Well, it turns out that the pool is actually quite deep! Here I am, after ten course days, feeling as though I've packed a whole undergraduate year's worth of learning into that short time, and yet I've remembered nearly everything. I think most others feel the same way. We've only had ten days of shorthand instruction, and we can all now write basic sentences. What an exclusive skill to have, an alien code that only someone who is 'one of us' can read!

Thrown in the not so deep end

So, last week was my induction week for the MA course in multimedia journalism here at Kent. Deciding to embark on this nine or so months of intensity was probably the hardest decision of my life.
Earlier in the year, I thought I'd made my mind up about studying political theory at York. I'd even started looking at accommodation. Yet, a nagging feeling prevented me from immediately accepting the offer of a place, and so I prevaricated for several months. 

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