I'm doing a study on how life has changed because of 9/11.. This study is slightly different, it's not a normal questionnaire type but will be using video/audio and picture.. I'd like everyone's take on this; English, Muslim, Sikh, Christian - all! 

Examples include:
- the stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists
- higher security at airports
- the branding of Sikhs as Muslims terrorists because they wear a turban. 

If you can help, please, let me know: kc372@kent.ac.uk OR just give me your email address by commenting! I'll email you more details as to how to participate. Emailing me does not mean you have agreed to help; it just means you're interested!

Share with friends because I require people from all over the world! The more people I have, the better I do!

P.S. The website (www.post911.info) is still under construction.

Thanks all! Much appreciated!

Kaynat xx



...in that the unprecedented wave of solidarity exhibited across the world (a million people came out onto the streets in Iran, for example), and the consequent good will towards the victims was squandered by an elite out of touch with popular sentiment.

People were coerced and deceived into believing there were Iraqi connections with the attacks on the twin towers, and then moves towards a war elicited probably the largest march in this country's history. The war went ahead. Kind of makes going out onto the streets seem pointless.

Hence the green movement's more direct interventions of late (think climate camp etc.) and the woeful turn out at arguably even more important marches like 'The Wave' leading up to the COP15 negotiations. People no longer belive marching makes a difference. They're probably right.

I need you to say all that on CAMERA! :P

If that is okay with you? :D

E-mail me at j.wilfred.saunders[at]gmail[dot]com if you're still interested. I'll be in birmingham in a couple of weeks if that helps...

That's cool, not a problem at all! I'll probably need to hold a skype interview with you - I'm still working out the little messes here and there so I'll email you soon! :D

Thank you for being interested enough to do this! :D

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