There has been and always will be social and political divides in society, and unfortunately prejudice and conflict is unavoidable.

It is obvious to anyone with common sense that building council housing and homes suited to the middle class on the same estate could encourage hostility between the two types of families living there.

Liberty Park, a housing development in Wainscott has been host to many incidents of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour in recent weeks, and now even police officers operating on the estate are succumbing to prejudice.

A police officer has been caught on camera calling children “scum of the estate”, without being able to link them to any of the reported offenses. Harry Weaver, the 14-year-old who filmed the police man on his mobile phone, said he’s regularly unnecessarily questioned by officers.

Even if children are indulging in criminal offenses policemen should be setting an example and putting their efforts into trying to reduce conflict in the area, rather than displaying prejudice and unprofessional standards that could encourage others.

It is sad in this day and age that people, even police officers, sink to such levels of poor and unacceptable behaviour. This incident among others in recent years has revealed several members of the police force in a diminishing light, with no respect for the people they should be protecting.

Ideally we should be demonstrating unity and acceptance of our differences but unfortunately that doesn’t seem likely any time soon. Maybe society will be able to live more harmoniously if middle class and council housing were built on separate estates, but encouraged to get along by other means.

Housing estate prejudice