Hold The Front Page should already be a permanent bookmark in your browser as a source of journalism news and job vacancies - but one blog in particular could help improve your performance in conference and on news days.

Dyson at Large, run by former newspaper editor Steve Dyson, performs a post mortem on a different regional newspaper every fortnight, explaining in forensic detail what worked and what didn't.

Examples include why a mix of typography and a lack of space make a front page weak, why making reporters turn their stories into nibs can increase the impact on readers, and how direct simplicity can make a newspaper stand out from its rivals.

Every blog is packed with good advice for students and professionals.

Of course, it's also terrifying for the newsrooms subjected to such withering reviews as "weak headline, not enough news".

And, yes, I did have to go through that trauma myself as a KM news editor...

How to (really) read the news