Blog post reminder: MA and Year 1 and 2 undergrad students

A quick reminder to MA students and to BA year 1 and year 2 students: make sure you have done your blog post for this term by the end of next week. 

Remember this forms part of your coursework assessments for Practical Multimedia Journalism (for the MAs) and for Convergent Journalism (for the BAs).

Year 3 session: secondary project pieces and web analytics

Year 3 students please note: we'll be running a combined session on Monday 13 March to cover a couple of important things for your projects and for Convergent Journalism 3.

We'll go through the details of secondary pieces for your project, and then we'll be taking a look at web analytics - including some interesting examples using data from from your newsdays.

Session starts at 11am in the small newsroom.


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