Last week, Boris Johnson won a second term as London mayor, beating Labour rival Ken Livingstone by a mere 3% on second preference votes.

Boris’ win was not surprising due to the close margin between himself and Ken, however. The fact that across the country Labour gained a landslide of seats, ousting the Conservatives in many areas made his win only more significant.

Boris is perhaps not best known for his policies, but his 80’s throwback hairstyle and inability to form a coherent sentence without stuttering.

So, could this have something to do with his win?

For all his flaws, the public appear to trust Boris. Whether his bumbling buffoon act is a political ploy - that is another matter - but whilst he whizzes around London on a Boris Bike or fluffs up his lines mid-speech, the public can relate to him.

The truth is, nobody is perfect and it appears the public are sick of politicians pretending to be.

In the eyes of the general public all politicians are the same, Labour brought us into a recession – blame the banks! The Conservatives brought us back into a double dip recession – blame Labour! It is allrather trite.

Londoners voted for Boris because he is unique. He is funny; he makes mistakes and is not afraid to say whatever it is that he is thinking.

In the London Mayoral Election, personality triumphed over politics. Is this why Green Party candidate Jenny Jones came in third place ahead of Liberal Democrat Brian Paddock? She may have spent most of her time addressing the dull subject of climate change and suggesting we raise the congestion charge, but she injected her personality into her speeches and was more memorable than Brian could ever have been.

If the government has learnt anything from this election it should be the public are bored of politics. The past couple of years have seen the public exposed to cuts, widespread unemployment and paying for MPs to have their moats cleaned. No wonder the voting turnout was only 32% - the public do not think that change is possible.

So, if the government is to win back public support then they should stop trying to trick the public and just be themselves. The public are no longer voting for parties, they are voting for peoples.

Nick Clegg likes to holiday at Butlins? David Cameron can’t live withoutpasties? I’m not buying it, and neither is anyone else. 

The importance of personality in politics