Gizmodo has gotten their hands on a new, unreleased iPhone 4GS 

with the supposed 4.0 firmware - the story has been circulating for a day or two now. So, if anybody - especially the iPhone owners we have - still hasn't noticed, here's the link to Giz's collection of articles regarding the new iPhone. Personally, I think the new design looks mighty gorgeous.


It's a lot more square and masculine-looking. I like the old curvy design.

Not that I dislike the current design... it's great and I think it's a lot better looking. But, for me, it is like holding a bar of soap at times. I don't drop it on a regular basis but the fear is always there. The new phone is heavier and because of its shape has more, in the words of Karl Pilkington, 'grippage'.

When the 3GS was released it did seem like a bit of an anti-climax that the shell was essentially the same, no matter how much was different under the bonnet. This design reminds me more of my old 5G iPod. 

I kind of get the impression that Apple are catching up, with things like the front facing camera and the noise cancellation mic, which is good. The price could be insane though, especially when Apple won't even tell buyers about how many horsepower the processor thrashes out, unlike HTC. We can only hope another company steps forward and tells us, like with the iPad. 

I think I'll wait until they roll Steve Jobs out before deciding whether to get this or a reduced price 3GS. 

iPhone 4GS - if someone missed it