Missing laptop charger cable

Hi everyone, I left a HP laptop charger cable in the small newsroom yesterday and it isn't here today. The laptop needs charging and has some very important documents on it so if anyone happens to see the charger cable around please let me know. I'm in the small newsroom a lot, so it'd be even better if I got it in person. 

Train Etiquette

I don’t frequent trains, in fact I avoid them due to the fact I want to keep the money I earn rather than waste it all on extortionate fares. Yet, a good thing about trains, or more accurately the weird thing, is that I learn something new every time I get onto one. This is not because I read a different text book every time I travel to expand my general knowledge, as much as maybe I should.

You really can have too much money

Compare eight people to 3.6 billion; imagine the amount of space it would take to fit eight humans into a room and the amount of land it would take to fit billions of us. It is a huge difference, obviously, yet it is evidence that we need to crack down on equality throughout the world.

Oxfam has recorded analysis saying the world’s eight richest men own as much as the poorest half of the entire world. Though this may not be entirely accurate (there has been dispute) the issue is still relevant, and has been for far too long.

As religion is having less of an impact on our lives why does it continue to hold such power?

Religion and faith hold the influence to start wars, create conflict whilst concurrently uniting humans as a race in believing that there is something more to life than simply living and dying. More people require evidence and fact to believe something is true, which is routed from science becoming more prominent in the last century.

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