Tahrir Square equipment

NYT's Stephen Farrell goes over his equipment used in his coverage of Egyptian protests. Note the highlighting of the principle "it's not the gear that produces journalism" and that he uses the same Edirol as our course does.


His own article and explanation of what it means to do work in a hostile place and what not to bring with, can be found here:



Newspaper sales are up!

"The future is online," he said.

Before we all get warm and fuzzly inside: a notable trend is still, that 'western' papers are slowly decreasing (but not as much as expected) in volumes (and especially in advertising), but the overall is overturned by monumental increases in Asian, African and Latin American papers.

Altogether, a 1,3% increase worldwide.


Yahoo (cough) reports

Nothing But The Truth

"Nothing But The Truth" (American title, also the reason for every word with a capital first letter!) is a story about a woman, journalism, principles, government, the First Amendment Rights (again, US) and how sometimes the fascination we have with journalism is maybe a tad bit too well done.

I would love to say, that it was a brilliant film, that kept me glued to the screen and constantly pondering - but it didnt. A large part did, yes. But that does not exclude the very surprising ending. Which, in a sense is unexpected but to an extent, defeats the whole purpose of the movie.


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