The Rape Game.

It is 11pm in the Gordon household, and the mother and I strike up a conversation about sex education.

I say conversation, I mean dispute and when I say we are miles apart on every spectrum possible, it’s an understatement. I’m a feminist, she would love to be a kept woman and while I say free the nipple, she says stop being a tart.

This ‘conversation’ started when we came across a Facebook post uploaded by a friend I grew up with. We were inseparable from five, through primary and secondary. And then I went to university while she went off the rails.

As Europe Mourns the Events of Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Israel Strike Again.

Controversy is not a new ideal to Israel or Judaism, and as most of you well know, I am one of the first to stand to both of their defences when either is at the brunt of criticism, but the latest splurges of misogyny from the Israeli press make me sick.


So, how long until 11-year-old mothers become the norm?

Today millions of children across the UK are playing out in the sunshine enjoying the last week of their Easter holidays. But one pair of children remain in a hospital room welcoming their new-born into the world. This is no gift, no miracle and no blessing. It is wrong and should never have been allowed to happen.

August, argot and anarchy

The preservation of the English language is the pinnacle of debate amongst 21st century linguists. If you follow in the footsteps of Jean Aitchison then perhaps you perceive our language as a beautiful castle; crumbling as a result of immigration, globalisation and ignorance.

It's not just the British that make Britain great

Multiculturalism is the pinnacle of all debate in the UK.

The integration of multiple cultures into our society has been a long and obstinate process originally tackled in a bid to save our limp economy, and the recent arrival of migrants from Bulgaria and Romania has made the topic even more of a talking point than it was previously.

Multiculturalism is often abhorrently spoken of by the lips of the ignorant British who fail to find employment and it is often accused of creating an antisocial generation, poverty and conflict.

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