It's Glastonbury, it doesn't matter


There have been many complaints about the long-awaited Glastonbury line-up, and I must confess that I did moan about it when the full line-up was revealed last week, but, it’s Glastonbury, the festival is an amazing experience, regardless of who plays.

Of course people go to Glastonbury for the music, but the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary arts, is much more than that. Anyone that has been to Glastonbury will tell you of the experience they had, music is just a part of it.

Family Christmas


You learn to appreciate everything much more, when it is almost taken away from you. 

Whether it was when you were younger and your phone was taken away by your parents as a punishment, or you were grounded, and the first step you took outside, when you were free to go pretty much wherever you wanted, even if it was just the local park. 

But, when it comes to a person, it makes you utterly grateful, that they pulled through. 

Ding dong! The Witch is dead


On radio two yesterday they were debating whether or not radio one should play “ding dong! the witch is dead” on the chart show as it would be offensive to members of Baroness Thatcher’s family.

On the Jeremy Vine show, yesterday, there were numerous callers who called in to say that they were anti-thatcher but believed that it would be extremely inappropriate to air just three days before Thatcher’s funeral.


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