Print newsday year 3 important

Hi guys,

Conference for tomorrow will be at 8.30am. Could all reporters please come equipped with both ideas, and treatments for them. We are looking for things that could be used for spreads, box-outs, backgrounders etc. Anything that is off the diary would be good as well.

Utterly moving

This story on the Telegraph website is a fantastic account of how Lance Corporal Andrew Wardle was awarded the Military Cross, after a selfless act of bravery.

The 22 year-old risked life and limb in January, to grab a young Afghan child, who was under enemy fire. 

Ushahidi: "we just wanted to make it easier for people to tell stories"

Josh Halliday of The Guardian tells the brilliant story of the crowd sourcing phenomenon Ushahidi today.

In an interview with creator Ory Okolloh, Halliday tells the story of how the tool went from cataloguing instances of Kenyan violence during a media blackout, to being used to co-ordinate humanitarian efforts after disasters worldwide, like the earthquake in Haiti. 

BBC attacked over smartphone application expansion

The National Publishers Association has launched a scathing attack toward the BBC, just hours after it announced that it would be launching three mobile applications. 

At a time when mobile platforms are being explored for commercial news models, this announcement  deals a crucial blow to advocates of paid content. 

Valentine's Day: a review

Not just a dollar fuelled copycat tirade of a sterling British export.


“It’s just like Love Actually,” I was told. “Great, another cheap, pathetic emulation of a British national treasure that the Yanks want to put their stamp on,” I said.



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