Anyone want to come and see Jeremy Bowen speak tomorrow (tues)?

I'm going to see Jeremy Bowen at the Frontline Club tomorrow evening (if you don't know him, or it, the link provides a good description of both and the talk), does anyone want to come, too? It starts at seven and costs £12.50.

The interview, with Vin Ray, will be available to watch on their website afterwards, if you're interested but can't make it (where they also have an archive of fascinating interviews).

In defence of realism, as opposed to unfounded optimism

Henry Porter writes in today's Observer that, with regard to the future of the world and our place on it, we have reason to be hopeful. And indeed, he may be right. But not for the reasons he gives.

90 per cent of people, he guarantees us, fear for the world's and our future. "But the sweep of modern history seems to tell a different story" he writes.

New term, new series of The News Quiz, get in!

The clue's kind of in the title, but for anyone unfamiliar with this long-running Radio 4 comedy you might want to check out some of the classic clips on their website (or youtube) before this friday's first episode (6.30).

It's no substitute for Today, but if you're after a fun way of recapping and reflecting on the week's news, there's nothing better.

Sir Alan Sugar to receive peerage in reshuffle

PA: "Sir Alan Sugar will receive a peerage as part of a new enterprise role in the Government, a source said today.

A spokesman for the multi-millionaire businessman would not comment on the move but details of the appointment were believed to have been ironed out yesterday in Downing Street.

Sir Alan was seen slipping into Number 10 yesterday morning."

Brown must be strugging if he's turning to reality tv for ideas. Though at the moment I think it's less the Apprentice and more I'm in the Cabinet Get Me Out of Here!


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