Reform: Get rid of the Whips?

We didn't talk about it in politics today, so I thought I'd flag this up. Should we get rid of the Whipping system? Paul Judge thinks so.

Representative democracy is in a crisis, as the calls for "direct democracy" and "power to the people" show. Aside from the obvious need to reform expenses, could this be the most potent way of re-engaging the electorate?

A Thoughtful President's Thoughts

Justin Webb has conducted the BBC's first interview with Obama, and I was very impressed by the POTUS.

In the full version (at the bottom of the page) I was struck by just how honest and relaxed he seemed with Webb. As with all politicians, he didn't answer every question directly, but that was only the case when Webb was pushing it a bit (eg. Would you consider sanctions on Israel if they aren't compliant over settlements?).

Top Ten Must Reads for Journalists

This is my unashamedly left-wing/green list of must reads for journalists. There are, I'm sure you'll notice, a few glaring absences, such as My Trade, Flat Earth News, etc. I've made this list deliberately personal, I wanted to avoid the books that you'll all have been recommended since September already. Anyway, let me know what you think, and if you have any that you'd add to a list of your own!


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