How much difference will it make?

Hope is a funny word.

It is undeniable that Barack Obama has
inspired many millions of people across the world. His acceptance
speech was, I think it is fair to say, one of the most remarkable
oratory performances the world has seen. The hope he has instilled in
people, not only Americans but people all over the planet, is

Library training session

If anyone wants to learn about internet-based research I'm going to be taught by Sarah Root in the library next Monday or Tuesday afternoon. She's going to cover online searching techniques, locating and using online journal resources, online databases, subject gateways etc.

She can do either Monday or Tuesday, I was thinking I'd arrange it for about 3.15 after History, so if anyone wants to come along please respond to this and indicate if you have a preference for either day.


Good book for the essay

For anyone looking for another book to reference for the essay, The Invention of Journalism by Jean K. Chalaby has been helpful for me so far. It's pretty dense but the whole book revolves around the period from 1850 onwards so there's a lot of good quotable bits, particularly in the Third Part.

And the last chapter contains some interesting theories on the function of journalism, in particular the 'magic mirror' effect.

Don't let the intoduction put you off reading this book, I didn't know half the words in there but I found some good facts in the rest of the book.

Palin on Saturday Night Live

Did anyone see this? (

How could they let her go on a satirical sketch show? Is this going to make her MORE popular with Americans? Has vacuous celebrity become political acumen? Is black white? I thought the Americans invented public relations, what kind of perception-management is this?


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