Is this the most important story of the century?

The singularity - not the origin of the universe, but the rupture with human history as we know it, when artificial intelligence surpasses the sum of all human intelligence.

By its nature, we cannot imagine what will happen after such a point (if it happens, that is), because if we could, it wouldn't surpass our intelligence.

'Ethnic cleansing' - book Reporting Conflict students might be interested in

Today's lecture on the former Yugoslavia reminded me of a passage in Steve Poole's book Unspeak (which is in the library) that Reporting Conflict students might be interested in.

On pages 91-98 he discusses the invention of the term 'ethnic cleansing', and how it was cynically adopted by the international community - only obliged by treaty to intervene in cases of 'genocide'.

Thompson ‘compromised impartiality’ by coming out against News Corp bid

One of the most senior figures in BBC News says Director-General Mark Thompson was wrong to oppose publicly News Corp’s attempt to take control of BSkyB.

Stephen Mitchell, Deputy Director of News and Head of News Programmes at the BBC, said that by signing a letter to Vince Cable last month opposing the move by News Corp, Mark Thompson had compromised the perception of his impartiality as editor-in-chief. He is believed to be the first senior BBC figure to criticize Thompson’s actions on the record.


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