The addictive bane of my life

You know, after I moved to Medway (about the 6th week of term - long story), I didn’t have the internet for two weeks. I know, pretty scary right? I mean, what did I do whenever I had  30 seconds to spare, imagine checking my e-mails? Fantasize about scrolling through endless twitter feeds for the last funny thing Stephen Fry said (which was about 1995, by my estimate ;) )?

Saunders versus Lucas

This is an interview I got with the leader of the UK Green Party, Caroline Lucas MEP, at the Copenhagen protests in London on Saturday. I went along to do an audio slideshow for my portfolio, but I thought I'd upload the most newsworthy bit before it's yesterday's chip paper (or whatever radio becomes...)



Nureyev - the glory and the tragedy

Having covered it this term in Power without Responsibility, some of the emotional realities of the Cold War were brought home to me by this BBC documentary.

Rudolf Nureyev is the one of the most renowned ballet dancers of the twentieth century, and this film tells the story of how he came to leave Russia, his mother country, at the height of the tensions between the east and west.


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