Urgent message update!

So far Rob and Nick have very kindly agreed to put cheesy xmas tunes/classics (and probably a bit of Muse) on a CD each - so that's two.

Any other ideas, guys? A bit of Rachmaninov to kick the evening off? System of a Down, anyone?

Seriously, if you want anything other than Wonderwall and Santa Claus is Coming to Town, then please step forward.

That's all. Party on.

Divisive cartoon - that's how I like 'em

Steve Bell cartoon

This cartoon by the Guardian's Steve Bell has drawn a slew of comments, both supportive and critical. They make interesting reading.

Anyone think the Sun has been exploiting Jacqui Janes? Or merely being insensitively sensational? Or does the Sun in fact simply care very deeply about 'our boys', meaning no journalistic standards have been debased at all? Hard to say, if you ask me.

TV News Day roles

Here are the roles for tomorrow. I will draw up a provisional runnning order for conference tomorrow, which is at 9am.

I know I've been banging on and on about it, but please come to conference with ideas for local stories, even if they're just spin-offs of national stories. Also, please bring in any cameras/equipment you already have out, so there will definitely be enough.

Presenter - Kat

Bad News re: Orwell Prize Evening

Hey guys, Gavin Freeguard's got back to me about this Thursday's event, and he said that "it doesn’t look like we’ll be opening up any places to those on the waiting list". The few drop-outs they are getting are compensating for their (annoyingly efficient) initial over-subscription.


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