Scripts for Weds (2nd years)

No script: Karadzic
No script: Israeli/Palestinian
STORY: British retail banks should be stopped from paying big cash bonuses and use the money instead to support new lending, the opposition Conservatives' finance spokesman insisted on Monday (October 26).
"What about the government's banking package and the Prime Minister's promise that the era of the big bonus was over?" George Osborne said in a speech at a Reuters Newsmaker event in London.

A shocking and inhumane practice

2000 children are detained in the UK every year, without limit. For simply trying to claim asylum, some are separated from their families for days on end.

The UK is the only country in Europe with this horrible policy. I was alerted to this by Henry Porter's scathing piece in today's Observer.

Dyke: Westminster/media "conspiracy" preventing democratic reform

Did anyone else see this? Ex-Director General of the BBC Greg Dyke said that necessary changes to British democracy are being prevented by "the Westminster village, the media and particularly the political parties".

He told a meeting at the Lib Dem party conference that he wanted an inquiry into the whole political system, but thinks it unlikely due to these vested interests.

He also said that he had tried to raise the issue whilst at the BBC but had been prevented by this confluence of conservatism.


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