I spotted in the Times Online most read section... and I did spot it in the most read section and not whilst browsing the women's section, 10 tips for spotting an unfaithful partner.

I am not totally sure what inspired, I am assuming, Miss Ward to write this book and wack a section of it on the website but I am going to assume she harbours some bitterness towards men.

Is it really necessary to put people on red alert all the time? Especially in this Jeremy Kyle society we seem to live in these days. It will become impossible for couples to have any sort of trust with these sorts of things floating around.

I can't honestly see what place this has on the Times website. This isn't proper journalism is it?

This has all the signs of being pretty lazy journalism/writing. Something that has become increasingly easy to spot after the reporting and writing sessions this year.

I am going to put the idea out there that the 'wronged women' 'scorned women' and 'case studies' in this piece could well be Charlotte Ward herself or just figments of her imagination.

I also love the fact that one of the signs are 'He's all over you' and another is 'He's keeping you at arms length'... Amazing.

By using my noggin I have been able to uncover two... yes two, potential 'cheaters' on the course.



2. He can't go anywhere without his phone

Modern technology dictates that it has never been easier to play away. With multiple email addresses, mobile phones, instant messenger, Twitter and Facebook, technology has created a cheater's paradise.

So if he never lets his phone out of his sight or keeps it on silent, quickly clicks on to a different webpage when you approach or hurries off for mumbled phone calls then it could be he has something to hide. As one case study points out: "I had a cheating boyfriend who took his phone to the loo and when he was running a bath.” If he has nothing to hide, then why all the secrecy?


Nick and Alan, you have been rumbled.


The best bit of articles like this are the comments:


joseph jones wrote:
thank god my wife doent read this paper


I cannot let this stain on my reputation remain. I shall see you in court Mr. Hayes.

Journalism... Really?