Missouri university's journalism school has made an iPhone or an iPod Touch a compulsory piece of kit for its students, describing them as a "portable toolbox" for reporters.

Students can check their syllabus, schedule and announcements on the devices, as well as access the standard features such as email and web browsing.

While there have been some teething problems, Brian Brooks, associate dean for undergraduate studies at the journalism school, is confident students will reap the benefits once the problems are sorted out.

From a totally unbiased standpoint *cough* I think its a fantastic idea.


"iPhones being essential equipment" articles keep on popping up. Similarly, so do articles about the need for more youngsters from less privileged backgrounds to enter the profession of journalism. I hope Missouri is helping those afford this "compulsory piece of kit".

I have an X1 and although it isn't as sexy or as popular as the iphone, it essentially does the same things. Am I the only one to still find a pen/pencil, some paper and a notice board the most effective way of keeping reminders and essential bits of paper like timetables etc? You can also stick great big photos on them. Although, that's not how I roll.

 It is all very well and good having these gadgets handy but if you rely too heavily on them and something happens... like it gets stolen or broken, your life will crumble until it is replaced. 


As far as I'm aware a notice board is pretty static and pens and pencils are quite readily available. Paper is also quite easy to get hold of too I hear.

Does anyone see the word Apple and think of a piece of fruit anymore?


Journalism school makes iPhone or iPod Touch compulsory