A short guideline on how to celebrate New Year's as Russian

It was a very lovely last Reporting session of the term. There was only few of us in the class, as everyone else was freaking out about fast approaching deadlines. To make our lives easier and relax for a bit, Angela kindly let us talk about Christmas feature ideas, spreading the festive mood. While asking each other Christmas related questions, I got asked about my favourite Christmas movie and I had to give a bit more explanation on that. It might be unusual, but in russianspeaking households we do not really celebrate Christmas, which means I don't have a favourite Christmas movie.

So where's home?

How often do you see people writing in their social media profile bio: ‘citizen of the world‘? I do see a lot and probably some of us would prefer to have a World Passport at the cosmoplitan age, which was founded by Garry Davis back in 1954. You can get it even nowadays for only $45, but as long as it is just a fantasy travel document, we need to identify ourselves. But how can you identify yourself if you do not feel being citizen of any country? What if there is no country you can call ‘home‘?


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