Looking into the crystal ball.

With all this talk of scholarships and job opportunities, it has got me thinking about what sort of job I want to have after completing this course. I've reached the same conclusion that I always do, the first thing I would like to try would be to work for a national daily newspaper. However, as has been brought up before, circulation figures are falling year on year, leading me to wonder if when we finally get out there, will there actually be any jobs left to have?

Sexual bullying: a testament to our times?

Normally the ramblings of my nan have no particular significance or effect on my life, however this one struck a chord as it is an issue which may effect my baby sister. Now if you know me well, you will know that I do not react well to things which could hurt her and this is why the increasing amount of sexual violence and bullying in schools has me concerned.

Don't blame me

I ask for a little sympathy at the start of next term, as the chances of me being able to confidently write 60wpm in shorthand or to have read all the politics books by the 19th of January are increasingly looking quite bleak. 


If anyone has used UK press online articles for their essay do you have the reference information? Not being able to find it is bumming me out. :(


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