I don't believe in grammar schools, and here's why

Today, ahead of tomorrow’s budget, it has emerged that Philip Hammond will set out a payment of £320m for 140 new free schools, some of which could be grammar schools.

It’s still very much an open question as to whether the Conservatives will lift the ban on opening new grammar schools and this is a very controversial subject.

Particularly in Kent- one of the major areas of England which has an abundance of grammar schools.

Vine is ending and I'm sad: An obituary

Imagine if your favourite app was wiped from the app store and ceased to exsist. The news that Vine will be discontinued over the next few monthsleft me in shock. I was surprised to discover that I was emotionally attached to this app, and so to have that suddenly taken away had me feeling as though I had lost something. Now you're probably thinking, "Katie, get over yourself, it's a bloody mobile app." and I couldn't agree with you more, but let me explain to you why I was so invested in this app. 

Netflix original documentary Amanda Knox raises questions over the ethics of crime documentaries

After the success of Making a Murderer, the public’s appetite for long form documentaries about murder have seemingly sky-rocketed. With Netflix’s new offering, Amanda Knox, giving us an access all areas pass into the story which shook the world, what’s not to love?

The 5000 Poppies Project at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The steps of the Royal Hospital Chelsea-home to veterans of the Second World War, known as the Chelsea Pensioners- is adorned with a vast carpet of hand-knitted poppies. Stretching 12,500 sq ft over the hospital's pristine lawn, the imposing installation also features 26,000 stemmed poppies, standing proudly to attention. A crowd five deep huddles at the gate to look at the spectacle.

Simon's Choice provokes debate on assisted dying

I’ve always been under the impression that if someone who is terminally ill wants to take their own life, then they absolutely ought to be able to do so. But what Rowan Deacon’s BBC One documentary How to Die: Simon’s Choice, showed on Wednesday night demonstrates is that assisted dying is hardly a black and white issue. 

This documentary is an exemplary piece of storytelling; not only does it treat Simon’s story in a sensitive and well-informed way, but it also provokes a wider debate on euthanasia.


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