Third Year Radio Newsday Information

Hi All,

Just some information for you regarding Friday. We will be basing our newsday around the format of the Today programme. There will be a three minute bulletin at the top of the programme and a one minute bulletin at quarter past the hour. We have decided on which two people we would like to be presenters but Lucy will contact you first.

Assessed reporters will need to come prepared with story ideas and possible contacts. If anyone can go to a council meeting please let us know.

Thank You!

Bottle Top Update!

I would like to let everyone know, I saw my colleague on Saturday and she informed me that we have collected enough plastic bottle tops to get the little boy a new wheelchair.

Want to torture someone? Don't worry, you'll only get 5 years.

It has emerged in the last two hours that the two boys convicted of GBH, inciting sexual offences and robbery have been given only five years as their punishment. Narrowly escaping the charge of 'attempted murder', the duo instead pleaded guilty to the charges of GBH, inciting sexual offences and robbery back in September.

Yes...ANOTHER blog by me!

Ok....a few of you will be having fits [including Ian] seeing as I have probably already done more blogs so far this year than i did last year altogether! So...I have thought of another valuable activity that I would like to throw out there to everyone.

Following my nagging at Alan to watch the film Mississippi Burning [lectures: feel free to correct my spelling of Mississippi], thought i would suggest watching it in the newsroom one evening when everyone is not snowed under with work!


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