For duck sake!

The MP's expenses system is quackers as it is, but this takes the biscuit. After claiming £1,645 on a luxury duck house, Tory MP Sir Peter Viggers has been ordered to resign by Conservative party leader David Cameron. This may seem harsh, but by the public's standards, he is getting off lightly.

I'm So Sad

I'm too disheartened to re-write the blog i just spent half an hour writing and accidently deleted so my view in short is that Obama's journey to Presidency is at risk of overshadowing his Presidency itself. I doubt it but this can often be the case regarding Woodrow Wilson. Ask me tomorrow if you would like me to elaborate but i am too upset to re write the 400 words i just deleted.


Cancer Funding Debate...

Reading through the blogs, I noticed that the entries have been dominated by football news, chart entries and random spells of intellectual reckoning [all of which coming from the boys!] so this is one from the girls, but an open debate for all. This blog leads on from the point raised today regarding the funding going into various types of cancer...



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