4 lessons learned on internship at Sky News

As some of you know I was fortunate enough to spend the last two weeks working with Sky News at their studio in West London. Here are four broad lessons learned in that time (*spoiler* none involve making coffee).

Embrace the unexpected

“So we need you to find someone who owns a pet monkey to come in for an interview tomorrow, preferably in London and able to bring the monkey in…”

Covering Corbyn's reshuffling of the pack


As we immersed ourselves back into the news cycle after the holiday period, those of us in Britain found a rather busy domestic agenda somewhat captured by Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet reshuffle. 

Now anybody who has had even the most fleeting of acquaintance with me knows that I am, frankly, a shameless politico, and as a result found what has been dubbed humorously “the night(s) of the blunt knives” fascinating. 

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