Terrorism Threat in Singapore, highest in years says the MHA

Terrorism threat to Singapore has remained its highest level in years, according to a recent report by the Ministry of Home Affairs Singapore (MHA) today.

Main threats are said to come from the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group.

Dr Gerard Lee, former bomb technician and counter-terrorism specialist of the Singapore Armed Forces, says that terrorism threats come from the region, and also locally with regard to “racial and religious tensions” within Singapore.

UKC voted as the 12th best uni based on student ratings

The league table ranks 125 universities in the UK based on reviews from students on a website called Whatuni.com.

Results were based on factors such as accomodation, city life, clubs and societies, courses and lecturers, future job prospects, student union, facilities, support services and an overall rating.








400 children under the age of 10 sent for anti-terrorist reform

More than 400 children under the age of 10 have been referred to England and Wales' new deradicalisation programme, which spanned over the last 4 years.

The scheme, called "Channel", was set up after the 7 July London bombings and hopes to divert young people away from radicalisation..

Figures obtained from the National Police Chiefs' Council show that a total of 1,839 aged under 15 were referred to the programme out of concerns they were at risk of extremism.

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