Hey guys, I'll be doing a session from 3-7pm in the main newsroom on March 7th for anybody who wants extra practice before the NCTJ TV and radio exams next week. The idea is to do an exam together, talk about what we've done differently, practice in the radio newsroom if you want, etc. If you cannot attend remember that you can always do a practice exam on your own and email it to Richard. No excuses not to practice guys!!

60 SEC TV BULLETIN practice - Wednesday 9th of March

If you have absolutely no clue what's happening during the 60 second bulletins, or you kinda do but still want some practice, fear not! I will be running a full practice session from 2-6pm on Wednesday the 9th of March.I will show examples from previous years, get you to cut your own and practice in the studio. Remember that you have to read your own script and navigate autocue drama and stuff. If you want more practice, come see me, but trust my experience with previous years: if you don't practice it won't go as smoothly as you think it will.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship Lecture crew

I need 8 volunteers to help film/social media during the evening of the Bob Friend Memorial Lecture on March 3rd. This is open to undergrands of all shapes and sizes as well as MAs. It's an incredible opportunity to learn about multiple camera event coverage as well as social media live reporting. (It also gets you closer to our invited guest speaker, and MAJOR brownie points for being helpful). It would require a couple of hours of training plus showing up early on the day and staying a bit later. 


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