1st MA Radio newsday success

Producing live radio, as we all know, is a complicated task. Having only 4 hours to do it is even harder. Our lovely MA class took this challenge seriously and completely knocked it out of the park on Wednesday.

They worked as a team, followed instructions, formatted their scripts properly, exported in the right format and rainbows came out of their mouths when it came to speaking into a microphone. GOOD JOB GUYS!!!

WELCOME (and apologies for not being there today)


For those of you who don't know me, I am Laura Garcia: PhD Student, graduate teaching assistant, tech geek and hopeless cat lover. 

I work closely with the multimedia lecturers to help you guys figure out everything from cameras to twitter and new interactive storytelling techniques. I apologise for not being there on your first day but I got hijacked by the lovely folk at Channel 5 (who I freelance for) to do one last shift before term started. 

BA grad Kieran Watkins joins the ranks of Sky and Mail Online

Sky News is going to start stuggling for desk space soon with all of our grads in their newsroom! Kieran Watkins, BA grad, is the latest to join the likes of Alan McGuinnes, Simon Jayawardena, Jay Akbar and Declan Olley at Sky News as a freelance journalist! 

Kieran will also be part of the Community Department at Mail Online, another newsroom slowly filling up with CFJ grads. I'm sure our very own Sara Malm will show him around.

Congrats Kieran!!! 


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