WELCOME to our international students

 We all hope you have a great time here in the CFJ.

To start off the term in style, we will be holding an International Tea Party on WEDNESDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER at 1.15pm in the small newsroom. We hope you will all join us. It will be a good opportunity to relax and to meet Lesley (International student advisor) as well as Laerke and Sri, your International student mentors.

Calling all our international students!

Welcome back from your long vacation. Here's hoping you had a great time.

Next  week we will be welcoming all our new students. Would YOU like to be one of our international student mentors helping the international student adviser? It is not hard work but is a really worthwhile role. We have many new international  students who may apppreciate being able to talk to someone who already  knows their way around in the CFJ and the university.


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