Zimmer: The (Lion) King of Blockbuster Scores

What makes more than 10,000 people silent? The moment composer Gavin Greenaway raises his baton and signals the orchestra as it plays The Dark Knight score, ending in an erupting crescendo of drums, brass and strings.

The conductor, a life-long friend of Hans Zimmer took centre stage beneath the synonymous ‘Bat signal’, which caused a shrill of excitement to pulsate through my body as if it was calling the following songs at The World of Hans Zimmer: a symphonic celebration at Wembley Arena.

Are large families harmful to children and parents?

What comes to mind on what it means to have a large family?

The noise. The chaos. The rush. The challenges.

Are there benefits of being in a large family and is there some disadvantages. Of course every family no matter what size is met with difficulties. Any size of family brings its own joys and often hardships.

I myself come from a family with five children being the only girl and the youngest.  My parents also came from big families: five and six children. It is without saying any person in my family has something to say on this subject.

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