The Children of the Imprisoned

For anyone who is interested, tune into CSRfm tonight at 6pm to listen to the radio documentary I made for my final project. It investigates the way in which Burmese exiles (the children of the imprisoned and former political prisoners) now living in the UK are still controlled by the military regime. Many exiles who continue campaigning for change when they leave the country have their phone calls bugged and their actions monitored.

Amnesty International meeting on Tuesday

On Tuesday 13th Oct we are holding an Amnesty International Society meeting at 5.15pm in PK-104 (Pilkington building, ground floor). It will only be for around half an hour and we will chat about what Amnesty is and does and our plans for the year.

Amnesty International is a human rights group, so if you are interested in human rights activism then this could be the society for you (it is also an area that is important for us as journalists).

First December- Swap Shop

On monday The Environmental society are holding a swap shop event from 12-2pm in PK107, The Amnesty International society and the RAG society will also be there. The basic idea is to promote these societys but more importantly the aim of The Environmental society is to prevent as much 'stuff' from going to landfill as possible.


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