Right, the date is set, and the table is booked… for the Freshers’ Fayre. The 24th September has been pencilled in as the date Medway campus gets its very first student magazine.

It’s going to be a bit of a trial run this year as we try and drum up some support and find our feet. We’re going to publish three editions – the other two will be near Christmas and Easter. (Subject to change)

Due to the time it takes to print and post the final version, we’ve got to set the deadline for submission of articles to the 11th, bar some reviews or any other pieces that are time-restricted, in which case – the 16th. Sorry if it seems early, but I’m slow at doing design and I’m leaving time in case we encounter problems.

If you haven’t yet volunteered your services – it’s not too late. Drop me a comment/email (rh287). You can either go with your own story, or I’ve still got some that need covering. Either way we’d love to have you all on board – lecturers included, as a staff column has been suggested.

Also, the main reason for this blog is that we need help with the Freshers’ Fayre. It’s ten to three, so if you have a spare hour or two let me know. Similarly, does anyone have an idea on how we can attract the first years to join/celebrate its launch?

p.s. We still don’t have a title for the magazine...



The Uni survival guide.... it would be good to have someone who lives at uni for bits and pieces. Like how to budget properly, what you did to cope with the inevitable (unless you're fortunate) money problems.

And a little preview of my album review.

"Ooooooooooooooooooh my GOD! Thiiiiiiiis album is EPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC!!!!!"

Feedback would be appreciated.

P.S - Sounds good. Someone's been busy.


Lol you've hooked in the readers already with that very descriptive and emotive album review mate! I love it! I don't think you need to say any more.


I might have to heavily sub your review, Rob - "This album sounds exactly the same as the previous ones. Thank god they have flashy lights and spaceships on their live shows and that I have earplugs."

As for the titles - I'll wait and see if we have anymore suggestions and then I'll chuck them into a vote.

Oh and please let me know if you're going to send in something that doesn't have any images, so that I can be prepared and get some.

Freshers' Fayre helpers?! You'd both love to give up your day? And you'd like me to turn you into giant, cardboard, walking replicas of the magazine? Super.

They would sound the same if you had ear plugs in, deary.

As for the Fayre... I'll get back to you. As for the images I may need a picture of you so I can use my 'mad skillz' in paint to write "Muse Hater" across it and maybe a moustache.



Titles I've come up with to avoid are perhaps;

Uni-versal News

Kent-sational News


Medway Monthly - if you decide to make it monthly then by all means consider it, but just sounds a bit plain that's all...

Otherwise, I haven't got a clue lol...sorry.




Perhaps the title could be Medway Muse, i.e. about Medway and the thoughts portrayed by writers of the magazine in written form (in the magazine, obviously) about what's going on, on the campus and Medway generally and for the reader to be absorbed (ie the Muse part) in the writer's thoughts...or is it a more global title you're looking for? Anyway, anything Muse-like I'm sure Rob would love...

Thanks for the breakdown explaining the double meaning of the word Muse haha.

I'm not obsessed with Muse, I just get super excited for any new album full of totally original music comes out. I go through similar phases with the new football season and Pro Evo releases.

Rob and sincerest apologies! :D

Don't worry I completely understand and likewise to the above. Can't wait for the Fifa/Pro Evo releases too :D. Yes anyway and the magazine...

That's really clever Stu because it's a play on news as well, very clever!

But do you actually mean that, or are you secretly laughing at a silly title lol. Sorry if you're not and thanks if you really like it :D.

Um, no. I actually do like it.

Thanks Kat :D.

I would just like to point out that IF the new Muse album DOES sound exactly like all the other stuff they've done, then Muse have done a good job since the previous albums are equally epic.

Regardless of such blasphemous comments, I'd like to volunteer for the Fresher's Fayre! Perhaps we should all wear t-shirts, like they do in the Apple shop? I'm liking the idea of massive magazine suits, but I think you better factor in more time if you wanna print both them and the copies...

And we can irriatate people and continuously ask them if they need any help and when turned away we can all gather in one place and get in peoples way.

Yes, we can't even afford to print three editions of the magazine at the moment, so I do believe t-shirts are out of the question. However, with a bit of glue and sellotape I can kit you guys out with some sexy magazine suits and I can make a giant balloon arch to go over our table. 

As Thursday is the launch day, we will need to celebrate in the evening, so you have to be around anyway and thus might as well help out. Anyone who lives outside of Medway is welcome to crash at mine as usual and being the new organised Becci - I'll have sleeping bags this year.


I don't have a real idea for a name but I have an idea for a sort of guideline to decide.

Basically, make it something that is unique to our year. To sort of recognise the fact that we are the first lot of students to pass through this degree (hopefully).

Call it '138 Magazine' or something.

Of the number of songs I will include in a list in the magazine this year? Don't worry, I'm joking...

It certainly isnt in honour of your disgusting and shameful best guitarist list.

Tbf it was my arrogant best, perhaps not considering those who actually genuinely have more quality. Anyway, the magazine...

Magazine launch date - 24/09/09