These are seven words that are always certain to grab my attention.

Apologies in advance but this is just me blogging about something I am excited about seeing.

If you're not familiar with Band of Brothers, it was an incredible 10 part miniseries made by HBO (with the help from Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg) back in 2001 about Easy company during World War 2. The story was detailed, harrowing and most importantly, it was true. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend that you do. I have the DVDs if anybody is interested and you wouldn't be disappointed. It is probably, in my opinion, the best, most powerful and brilliantly made piece of television ever.

Anyway, nine years on and they have come back with 'The Pacific', I am not going to insult anybody's intelligence and go into what part of WW2 that's about. It focuses on the real-life stories of three US marines as they battled the Japanese. 

I can't help but have doubts about how it can top Band of Brothers (in terms of production, of course). You couldn't help but be sucked into the stories of these men that went to hell and back and I don't think that The Pacific will be any different. However, due to the time elapsed since the last series was made, I am not sure if they managed to get the interviews with the soldiers that were on the frontline. 

Will there be bits of artistic license and American self indulgence? I.e they won the war without any help from anyone else whatsoever, probably. But I think you'll be able to forgive it, just this once, well, twice. 

Unfortunately the series will not be broadcast on the BBC this time around. Instead it will be on Sky Movies, which is a bit of a downer, as I don't get Sky Movies ha.

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