How Welfare Hurts Everyone, Including Those It Helps

               From the title of this article alone, I know some people will be horrified that I might dare to suggest giving free, unlimited welfare to those ‘in need’ is anything other than a marvellous idea. After all, we are merely the latest of several generations who’ve grown up living under nothing but the welfare state and surrounded by people who just love getting stuff for free. So being attached to what every advocate and their Nan insists is a good idea is at least understandable.

On Nationalism and the Intolerance Around Brexit

Quite recently the issue of national identity was raised in my class.

Now as someone who takes a great deal of pride in my British nationality, my beliefs tend to cause a bit of a stir whenever I voice them (for reasons I will soon get into) and as a result I’m no stranger to the usual myriad of offense taking and name-calling that usually goes on in these kinds of discussions.

How 'Strong' Female Protagonists Ruin Good Fiction

                As someone who watches a less than responsible amount of TV and movies, I’m more than a bit familiar with the clichés common across the medium. The one that I find most irritating, however, and have seen become especially common, is the ‘strong female protagonist’ or, more accurately, the Mary Sue.

Let's End Political Correctness

                Have you ever been told you can’t say something? Have you ever been told that what you’re saying is too ‘offensive’ to be said? Sadly this response is heard all too often by those with less popular points of view. From politicians to peers there seems to be no shortage of people lining up to tell you what you can and cannot say and who you’re allowed to say it to, all in the name of ‘Political Correctness.’

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