Our slaves labouring in the fertile swamps of work experience continue to produce laudable results. Stories I have spotted so far include; this published work by Sara Malm, this by  Harriet Robinson, this by Joe Cladingboel   several stories, including this one, by Dean Kilpatrick, this by Sarah Wilson    a fine guide to what's on in Kent by Alex Dack  and others mentioned below. I'm sure there must be many other examples. Please link to them, folks. No need to be shy. Every published piece enhances your credibility with potential employers. Your work deserves to be promoted.  


I think you should have a looksie here as well as Essex's finest, Jason West, reported on fomer Shadow Home Secretary David Davis' visit to Gravesend GO JASON!

 Well done, Jason. And thank you to Sara for putting it on the site. 

My copy of today's Medway Messenger contains a pair of fine stories beneath the joint bylines of Grant Gibb and George Ocaya. Many congratulations. I detect entirely professional interest in two important areas of reporting:  sex and sport. These issues have the power to sell a lot of newspapers. 

A word of praise for Danielle who spent a couple of weeks at our Ashford office and produced a great page lead for the Express about vandalism and dirty childrens' playgrounds. The online version of the story omits her byline but it was a strong enough story for the paper to launch a campaign to clean up the parks in question.



More impressive toiling