Okay, so here’s that blog I was rambling on about this morning. To those of you who have already emailed me – thank you and sorry I haven’t replied yet – trying to juggle too many things at once.

I’m going to list a bunch of stories that I would like to be covered, and will put a few names after them, so it’d be great if those people could do something. If you hate the following, feel free to cover your own topics. Most are simple and short pieces because the deadline is now 4 days away…

Student loans: I’ve got a main person to interview, but I’d like a few more of your own stories. It’s not long – 100-200 words. Jon – they lost your birth certificate? Angela – they’ve lost 2 sets of your forms? Anyone else having problems? Write about it.

Liberty Quays – I’ve heard you lot moan about it, yet no one really seems to want to put pen to paper. Joe, I hear you got flooded? Lucy your friend got locked in his room for hours? Harriet that oh-so-charming man who rung you about your defrosted food? Fire alarms? Safety issues? I hear security can walk into your rooms, without knocking, whenever they like? Is this in your contracts that you signed? Anything else that’s missed my attention?

Sports initiations – Jon, are you still doing that piece you said you’d email me on Monday? Ali, want to write a colour piece about your initiation experience? Or anyone else for that matter.

Think back to Monday’s conference – can you actually get drunk for the price of a Mars Bar? List of volunteers to go to different shops and test it out?

Also, there was a story Monday about a government funded website where you rate your lecturers. The point is to give potential students more information. Anyone want to take this any further and write about it?

There was a bit of anger the other day over an old staff member at Coopers being hired for a day, when they weren’t needed. The money to pay this staff member came from Coopers budget, instead of the usual “pay pot”. Coopers has a tiny budget as it is, think they could have spent it on something better. Ash might be willing to talk about this, because it wasn’t his decision, it was his boss’ choice. From what I hear he wasn’t very happy about it… but you didn’t hear that from me.

There’s still the problem that I can no longer grab a coffee fix inbetween lessons due to the huge queue in the Gulbenkian café from the increased intake of students. I was told at the beginning of the year that there were plans to extend it and host such things like live music events. Does anyone want to look into this and find out where next year’s intake are going to fit?


The following will probably be best for the Christmas edition, as they require more time:

Rob, your Christ Church story - want to find some poor nurse, ideally with a kid or two and the prospect of having an awful Christmas due to the huge debts they’re racking up here?

Jason, the story we talked about this morning – the pub’s the Three Squirrels and it’s in Maidstone. It would make most guys pick up a copy of the magazine. Maybe see if you would talk to one of the girls and find out why they do it or how such things can go on.

Lucy, want to follow up the racism on campus story?

I don’t know if this is possible – but perhaps we could send FoI requests to get all the Vice Chancellors yearly pay and their Christmas bonuses. I’m just curious to know what they get.

And I think I’ll stop there for now because you were all bored after the first few sentences.


On a totally different note – I’ve been asked where to get your free half chicken for Nandos from… You can get yours here. 


Yeah. This will take some time, as staff at Christ Church are probably less helpful than a pair of ice cream gloves.
I have one person to contact but it seems as if I will have to stalk the students at lunch time or something.
A new Sterophonics album comes out in November so I wouldn't mind reviewing that either.
Could do a piece on student stocking fillers? ha. Not sure how that would go exactly but it had a nice ring to it...
I can give the Gulbenkian story a go, if no-one else wants it, I'm being a right portfolio whore now :)

I would be happy to do the rate your lecturers piece if no one else wants to do it. Could only get it in on the weekend though due to current overload. How long do you want it?

 Rob, do all of it. There seems to be a lack of people willing to write for it.


Kat, go for it - 500-600 words.


Guys, I seriously don't understand why no-one is willing to pull their finger out.

It is a great way of building your portfolio/getting practice... particularly the first years.

If this was around last year, it would have been so useful. Show some initiative, you'll thank Becci by April (well, you clearly won't because you're not doing anything) when your putting your portfolios together and go on work experience at the KM.

Don't just rely on classroom exercises.

Right, conscience clear. Sort it out!


To add to Rob's comment - I know everyone's busy, but the majority of these pieces can be written in such a small amount of time.

Maybe no one reads this, so I'm going to target everyone I have on Facebook tomorrow. Then if you ignore my Facebook message...

May I also add that if you're foolish enough, one of you could be editor next year. I realise elections are generally a popularity contest, but if you don't write anything for it, you can't be editor.

If you contribute 50 hours to a society/sports club you can get your "stand out certificate" too.

I may smack my head against the wall in frustration, but I will never stop bugging you lot to participate. To those of you who have already contributed - thank you. 

you can't bully or guilt people into writing. It is up to them if they want to, though of course you are right that it will help them in the long run.

I think you misunderstood.

Guilt-tripping and bullying isn't exactly in my nature. I'm happy for people to do whatever they please to do, it makes no difference to me.

I was just highlighting the positives and tried to light a fire. That is all.


If I did 150-200 words on initiation would that be fine? Also does anyone know what the other initiations involved? I have only so far heard rumours (such as spitting netball players) and would like to really know what other initiations there were for a comparison.

Too much graphic detail could land people in hot water with the Uni.

... I was planning to do an interview with the chief UMSA events guy (forgotten his first name, but I know his second name is Cooper) for my radio package. I was going to put to him some of the challenges in the initiations, but would this create issues?

To be fair, some UMSA staff, if not all, are aware of what happens at initiations, which is why I'm surprised they're allowed to happen on site. Interestingly, we're not allowed to film in Coopers during initiations. The dilemma is that if the initiation articles contain incredibly shocking stuff, then I imagine they'll end up banned for next year, and we'll have a lot of angry readers. As for possible problems that it could cause between us and UMSA, it doesn't matter - you're allowed to criticise them.

P.S. I think you're talking about Joe, Ali. 

Does anyone want to help with designing the magazine this time? It's so time consuming and annoying. Well, I think I just about sold that...

We've got loads of free time tomorrow when we'd normally have Media Law, so once I've chopped my Reuters stuff together I could do some then?

I wanted everything subbed before we actually start on design. I've got an interview lined up for tomorrow for a final piece on student loans, so I'm not going to be around that much. Fancy subbing tomorrow?!

Just brief me on it all in the morning. :)

More magazine mumblings...