I have pretty much disapproved of the TV show “My big fat gypsy wedding” since I first heard of it. Having worked for a year in a concentration camp memorial site, that also commemorates imprisonments, tortures and murders of Sinti and Roma (or “gypsies”) I cannot see a show that spreads so many prejudices about this population group in a good light.

And even if Channel 4 has apologised for making the posters, that have been classified as “offensive” by The Advertising Standards Authoritythe question remains: Why were they made in the first place? It must have been clear to the marketing experts at the time, that a photo of an aggressive-looking boy subtitled with “bigger. fatter. gypsier” or one of an underage girl in such a top would not go down well? 

The posters also remind me of a similar case in Switzerland last year, where a magazine subtitled their title image of a young boy holding a gun into the camera with the words “The Roma are coming – Raids to Switzerland”. This image however was not forbidden, even if the boy on the picture was not even a gypsy and the gun he was holding was a toy gun.

This again leaves the question open: Why is this population group still facing so many prejudices?


"My big fat gypsy wedding"