Year 3 Print Newsday Info

 Dear All,

Just a quick update on what needs to be done before Friday - 

Like last time we will be having local and national reporters...if you have any preference on which one please let James or myself know asap. 

Assessed reporters should have an idea of what main story/stories they are going to be doing before Friday's conference, as one of the biggest problems we had last time was getting copy in too late. If you want to go out and get stuff early on Friday just let one of us know.

Most ridiculous Google suggestions

This may not be the most productive post of the holidays, but it may give a welcome break from Shorthand / feature writing / playing golf.

This a webpage from the Huffington Post site listing the most inappropriate Google suggestions when you type in half a search. It's amazing what comes up, and even more amazing what people put on the internet!


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