Okay, so we're coming to the end of 2009. I would sit and reflect on it but I am not entirely sure where it has disappeared to. Most people see a New Year as a new start and a clean slate, which leads to us making promises to ourselves. These could be anything from the basic, exercise more, quit smoking or cut down on the drinking, to the more ambitious things like visiting 'x' amount of countries, getting in touch with family from faraway lands or doing something new every day.
I am not a big fan of making resolutions. You never keep them and if you have an important goal you want to reach then go ahead and work towards it right away, don't just wait it out until the New Year.
But, as it happens, I do have one this year. However it is only by coincidence that I am calling it a 'resolution' as it only occurred to me today. It is pretty simple and I am nothing if not simple.
Some of you will know how much I loathe adore Twitter. Anyway, Nick recently encouraged me to start using it. I signed up and, to be honest, that's about it so far (I don't even have a picture). I am only following 12 people and they include Nick, Alan, James and Mylo, so there isn't, no offense guys, much going on. But recently, and this is the inspiration behind my resolution to use Twitter a bit more in the new year, boxer Manny Pacquiao's feed has suddenly exploded into life.
You may or may not remember a blog I posted about a possible fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. Jr. Assuming you don't, there was a date set in March for the fight to take place. Now it appears, it has hit a bit of a brick wall. Basically, Mayweather's advisors want Pacquiao to take a blood test just days before the fight because he suspects the Filipino is taking illegal, performance enhancing substances. Pacquiao's camp is saying that they won't allow this and this has thrown the fight into doubt. Now, Pacquiao has filed a defamation lawsuit against Mayweather & Co amidst accusations that Pacquiao is a cheater and that they (Mayweather etc) intend to 'destroy Pacquio's career, reputation, honour and legacy'.
Now I know what you're thinking... maybe. "Why didn't he just look at the Sky Sports website?” I do, daily, however Football and Cricket have been at the top of the page lately and all Boxing news, post Haye-Valuev, has been relegated nearer the bottom. If I am brutally honest, I would have never known about any of this if I hadn't used Twitter for the fourth time in a month this morning. Now I can keep myself up-to-date with a sporting event I have been wanting for, as near as makes no difference, two years.
It hasn't exactly saved my life but I am just now beginning to see the possible benefits of Twitter. Better late than never I suppose.
Happy New Year everybody!



I post updates two, maybe three times a year.

I mostly use Twitter to get heads-ups on articles I might be interested in, so I follow all the various magazines/papers that I like. And journalists, too, can post quite interesting things, there are loads on there.

Happy New Year Rob!

David Carr's piece in the NY Times will tell you a few more good points. The paper had a short list of people who were worth following, but thinking that I could just re-read it online, I left it for someone else to read... Foolish me. 

There are some brilliant people on Twitter - and all it takes is a click, a few letters, and then you can be talking to them. Contacts, contacts, contacts...

New Year's Resolutions