Due to the weather conditions in Kent - police are advising no travel in the county - we've reluctantly taken the decision to cancel today's news day. We'll be reorganising for early next year. Good luck getting back home for those that are travelling today.


I've been checking this site for an hour to find out if it was cancelled, and i was just about to leave! Well, start to shovel my car out.. You may have just saved my life Ian.

I'm awake now!!

Was just thinking has anyone got Jason's number from year 1 as he comes from Basildon and don't think he checks the site much.

Happy day off!

Snowball fight anyone??? Paul, the library is open, i came in to the library to give back a couple of books. So yeah come in...

Does this mean that Uni is closed or do those of us who can make it come in for lectures?


...I don't think anyone would mind on the last day of term if you just stayed at home and threw snowballs =) 

Beckah, you should go in to the library as a point of principle. Don't know if uni will officially close. Will update you as soon as we hear. Tim will be in for a while this morning.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

I know most of you are dying from disappointment right now, but let's add some more sad news...

Guess I wont see most of you until the 2010 now. Have a fabulous Christmas break and I'll see you little lovelies in the new year!


I'm actually quite sad that it's cancelled cause I'd bought nibbly treats for Team B! Knowing that the Gulbenkian would be closed =] Damn shame, now I'm going to have to hire out a film on the Playstation Network and eat chocolate.. OH THE PAIN.

But yeah, Happy Christmas everyone!

I would've said a proper goodbye to everyone yesterday if I'd thought this might happen. If people get together for a huge snow fight please fbook/e-mail/call me...

If not Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy the break! *collapses onto keyboard in exalted exhaustion

This is my first ever snow day!  Can't believe it!  Merry Christmas everyone!!

I have to admit, I was very surprised to see this..! Asides from the fact that everything seems to just shut down with only a few cms of snow (an impression had already from watching UK news but never quite fully believed), what would happen in a real life newspaper situation? I'm guessing it would struggle to cope with a skeleton staff?

Let me know as soon as you find out if the uni is shut? I need to check out some books, so the library in particular... Also can I still return my Edirol? 

Real newsrooms will certainly be open Paul, and reporters would all be expected to either struggle in or to file copy from where they are. After all, they'd have real audiences that expect to be kept informed.


Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year!

Merry Christmas to everyone and hope you all have a good holiday :D. Thanks Ian for the newsday update.

 I'm gonna sneak in here and forward your good sentiments on to everyone from me too...
Have a great holiday everyone!

 Merry Christmas everyone! See you all next year :)

I had cards :(

Have a nice Christmas everyone.

See you all next year.

Newsday cancelled