Inspired by James and Paul's recent posts about Google Wave, I've just got around to activating my account to it. And now having sat through a couple of the many explanatory videos, I can't honestly say I'm much the wiser. (My gut feeling is that if something needs that much explanation, it's not going to fly). Nonetheless I'm up for a bit of experimentation with it and thought that the second years' forthcoming news day might offer such an opportunity. After all, they need to collaborate on various issues, including building a site - and of course populating it with brilliant journalism on the day. And collaboration is what Google Wave is all about, right?

Anyway, I've issued Google Wave invitations to all the second years - although apparently they make take a few days to arrive (so check your Uni email accounts). Between now and then I'll work out how to set up a Wave. Then together we can find out whether it's really going to be a star performer. Or an overhyped Google widget that will quietly be ushered out of the auditorium in a few months' time.


This sounds like an interesting project, I'd be interested to hear how you get on with using Google Wave.

Mick Norman
Faculty Learning Technologist for Social Sciences.

 Google Wave is still pretty buggy and at times unstable, not to mention a lot of the features Google have said it will be great at have yet to be properly implemented. It's still very much in development, though there still a decent are a number of useful bots and extensions out there. Logically enough, Wave also works best in the Google Chrome browser - it kept crashing for a friend of mine until he started to use Chrome. There are also sometimes issues with the browser cache meaning you may need to empty it regularly when using Wave - or change the amount of files storage in the cache.

Despite this though it is still functional once you get you head around it, so I'll also be interested to see how this goes! 

Can somebody send me an invitation?

 Will do, just facebook me your email.

Not drowning but (Google) waving