It’s getting hot in here…so KEEP ON all your clothes?!

As the weather is heating up (and so is the planet I might add - but that’s another blog post for another time) you wouldn’t be pronounced a fool for thinking fashion would be set to reflect this by urging you to strip down to a crop top and cute shorts as you strolled down the street enjoying the summer sun (before it explodes and kills us all - seriously, gl

The rise of the inbetweenie

When you google the term ‘inbetweenie’ and click on images you’ll find yourself bombarded with pictures of inbetweenie belly buttons – which I recently found out is a belly button that has both the characters of an innie (a belly button which goes in) and an outie (you get the picture), a sort of hybrid if you like. The Hollywood A-lister Anna Farris even sports one. So why is this relevant I hear you ask.

Times Up

As the new year was seen in at midnight on the 1st January 2018 with a series of fireworks and confetti cannons around the globe it too was accompanied by a wave of voices from across generational and racial barriers that when spoken together are only now beginning to be heard.

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