Okay guys and girls, not really too much to say here. We're pretty well versed in what needs to happen. 

Come in with a couple of story ideas. Hopefully you'll all have a couple of things on the go throughout the day. 

- We'd really like everyone to have at least one small story up for when we go live at 9.

- Pleeeease try and work a multimedia/other digital offering interaction (love it) element into all of your stories.

- Remember to put plenty of links in your stories. 

In terms of desks, we won't be designating you with specialist areas. Obviously if you have any local exclusive stories you have sourced yourself, they'll take priority. But we understand a lot will be local angles on national stories. If you have a camera... bring it. 

News team roles: Mylo will be on top of the sport, Jaak's job will be finding decent pictures. Lucy & Zehra, we'll dream up some jobs for you later but I would imagine it'll  something like writing brief pieces on national and international stories and subbing. 

Nick will be dealing with the site and the SEO side of things and I will be keeping an eye on breaking news, main point of contact if you're out (if you're in the NR bother Nick all you want). 

Stu will read everything, making sure there are plenty of links, have a second opinion on pictures making sure the best ones are on there and other editorial tasks. A safety net if you will. 

Conference will be at the usual time of 8:30. But if you need to add finishing touches to stories ready to go live at 9... by all means... come in. 

Cya at 8:30 then...  


Lots of Love, 

Rob & Nick 

Online Newsday Info