For undergraduate Year 1 and 2 students and MA students: a reminder of your final coursework deadlines for Convergent Journalism 1 and 2, and Practical Multimedia Journalism.

The final element of your coursework is your portfolio, which comprises three parts:

Part 1 is your conference pitches, which you have already done.

Part 2 is your blog posts. You have to make at least one per term. If you have not yet posted to the CfJ blog this term, the deadline is Tuesday 7 May.

Part 3 is a multimedia assignment. This could be a newspaper or magazine page that you've laid out, a radio package, a TV package, and audio slideshow or an online story. It could be something you've done on a news day, a piece from your Kent Messenger work placement, or another piece of journalism you've done that hasn't been assessed already. It should be uploaded to the site as a Multimedia Portfolio (on the create assignment list) Deadline for this will be Friday 10 May. Richard and I will be happy to advise on what you can submit.


I wanted to use my radio piece from the year 1 newsday, is there anyway of getting hold of this? Can't find it on the site and I forgot to save it on the day?

Hi Michelle

I just saw this. I have mp3s of both team's output. I'm around on Monday. Come and find me if it's not too late. 



No worries, I found it just in time and submitted it (hopefully in time for the deadline!).

Thanks Richard

I have submitted mine but it isn't showing up in My Assignments. Has it definitely gone through?

Portfolio deadlines for convergent journalism and practical multimedia journalism