The conference for the newsday tomorrow will be at 8am in the big newsroom please come with plenty of ideas. The paper is an evening paper for Friday. It will be the Optimus Times again.

Alan and Kelsey as non-assessed reporters will be working together to do the leader and opinion/editorial pages and Becci will be in charge of the production and putting copy on the pages. Nick will help with picture bylines so please email him a photo you would like to appear in the paper.

Each reporter will be expected to provide at least two stories, one lead and one downpager but this may be moved around in production.

Can everyone also bring a camera if you have one so that we can take as many of our own pictures as possible. 

Most importantly everyone needs to create a dropbox account at so we can all open and edit pages. On the website just click the login button and then create an account. I will then invite you to have access to the newsday dropbox.

If you have any more questions just ask me, Jaak, Lucy or Rob.


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