Enough with the movie remakes

The first image of the dirty dancing remake has been released and the picture depicts Abigail Breslin, known for her breakthough role in Little Miss Sunshine and more recently in Scream Queens and Colt Pratte, recreate arguable the most iconic movie scene of all the time, the lake lift. The three-hour TV movie will be broadcasted in America in May and we can expect the story to take us way beyond where the film ended back in 1987. But my real problem Is who decided to remake the film in the first place.

Historic victory overshadowed

The 74th annual Golden Globe Awards took place last night and as always Hollywood’s finest took to the red carpet to submerse themselves in the glitz and glamour of the ceremony. Hosted by Jimmy Fallon and broadcasted in 164 countries, this year’s show treated us to more than just the usual format. Yes, we did see the very predicable scenario where winners are announced and give long-winded acceptance speeches thanking everybody on the planet for their success.

The end of an era for the show that revolutionised pop culture in society

Long before the days of the glitz and glamour of the X Factor, the wonderful site of a big red chair spinning around on The Voice and way before we we’re introduced to the sweet sound of those big red buttons on Britain’s got talent. There once lived a singing competition called American Idol. Little did we know at the time of its creation back in 2001 that it would grow to revolutionise pop culture in the western world and birth a new age in TV.

‘Diversity problems’ or the choice to avoid ethnic minority efforts?

Last night, the National Television Awards took place and it was a poor excuse for an award show spectacular. What baffled me the most however, was my lack of concentration towards the endless amount of terrible gags and pathetic, badly orchestrated jokes being thrown about because there was a much bigger underlying issue which seemed to be on everyone’s mind but quietly waiting to be addressed. Just where were all the ethnically diverse actors and actresses this year? Did they not receive their invitations?.

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