Once upon a time a husband and wife dreamed about stopping manufactured musical shit getting to the number one spot at Christmas. Instead of putting it in their list to Santa and sending it to the North Pole, they started a campaign about it on Facebook. Their Christmas wish was granted and they stopped poor little Prince Joe from having his own wish granted. As RATM rocked their way into the number one space, little did the happy couple realise, that their replacement choice spawned from the same evil empire. The wicked witch in this story being Sony Music Entertainment.

You see, RATM are signed to Epic and Joe is signed to Syco. Now if we draw up the dots it all leads to the same place – Sony Music Entertainment. So whilst half of my Facebook friends are currently screaming about their little musical revolution, it’s not really that great. Yes, you managed to stop reality show products from reaching number one, but couldn’t you have at least picked a better competitor? You just gave SME another 500,000 sales. Bah Humbug.



You say it like it's some silly oversight by the creator of said Facebook group, but he knew Rage Against The Machine were signed to Sony from the start.

The point of buying RATM was to show Simon Cowell that he can't manipulate the music charts simply by airing his silly little talent show in the weeks running up to Christmas and then cheapen the glory that used to be Christmas Number 1. 

It's all about non-conforming, and showing the music industry that there is still some meaning to the charts, hence "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me." It's nothing to do with money. 

The guy who started the whole campaign did the same thing last year, but with Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' and you can see why the impact wasn't the same. 

And even if you want to bring money into it, the proceeds from the sale of 'Killing in the Name Of' are going to homeless charity Shelter, a very worthy cause. 

Well done to everyone who managed to get it to Number 1, I say. Biggest chart upset since Engelbert Humperdink!

Simon Cowell still has squillions of pounds and he doesn't appear to be that arsed by the whole thing. And as it says in the good old Sun today:

Wife Tracy, 30, said: "We remember when we were young the charts were really exciting. We just thought, 'Wouldn't it be FUNNY if that song got to No1'."

As you can probably tell, I added the caps, bold and underline on the word 'funny'. I don't think it was intended as a political statement, to be honest. Just a bit of a laugh.

Now how about we do someting really crazy for next year and get our own Johnny Saunders to number one... or failing that, a bloody Christmas song!!


The Christmas number one always used to be the most important number one of the year, and perhaps for some it still is but to be honest, I am completely underwhelmed by the whole RATM thing.

For me the Christmas number one hasn't been the same since Bob the Builder made a mockery of it a few years ago, not helped by the X-factor's dominance.

Oh and I'll definately second the John Saunders campaign!!! Sounds like a brilliant idea.

It is funny that it got there but I can't say I have a warm fuzzy feeling a 'revolt' may usually bring. I'd quite like to see a Christmas song reach number one. I wonder what the odds are of the album topping the charts some time in the New Year.

But, as usual, us Brits do like to overdo things. The Christmas number one has been hijacked, so now lets do it to the Queen's Birthday.Oh oh! And Valentines Day!


RATM reach number one